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Ice Fish Farm – Fiskeldi Austfjarda hf.

Ice Fish Farm (Fiskeldi Austfjarda hf.) was established in the summer of 2012. Although the company is relatively young, Sea Reared Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and Salmon (Salmo Salar) have been cultivated since the year 2000 in the eastern fjords of Iceland.

The company operates an eco-friendly fish farming and has received Aqua Gap verification on its production and harvesting. Currently it holds 11.000 tons licence and has applied for additional licence of 43.000 tons.

The company produces its own smolt and has a well equipped harvesting station at Djupivogur. The location is excellent regarding logistics and there is an easy access to air freight from Keflavik as well as shipping the production with ships from Reykjavik, Reydarfjordur or Seydisfjordur.


Frummatsskýrsla og fylgiskjöl

Frummatsskýrsla vegna eldis á allt að 21.000 tonnum af laxi í Berufirði og Fáskrúðsfirði
Framleiðsluaukning um 10.000 tonn – Væntanlegar upplýsingar síðar





Ice Fish Farm / Fiskeldi Austfjarða hf. | Nesbala 122 170 Seltjarnarnes Ice­land
gudmundur@icefishfarm.com | Tel: 00 354 896 0426



Ice Fish Farm / Fiskeldi Austfjarða hf. | Nesbala 122 170 Seltjarnarnes Ice­land
Email: gudmundur@icefishfarm.com | Tel: 00 354 8960426

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We love our salmon, it has so many delicious ways to fulfill your new years resolutions! Health is more important than a big car or new Iphone. Put your money on the best quality fish in the world to make most out of your money. We are starting harvesting next week.
Limited number of salmons so make your order now.
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Our salmon:
Eggs come from Stofnfiskur.is, then we grow them on land to 300-450gr using pure Icelandic water warmed up by hot springs. Then we move the fish to Berufjordur on the east coast of Iceland. In our farm we use no chemicals, no medicine, no sea lice treatments, no anti foiling on nets.

Our feed is from Havsburn same producer as Bakkafrost uses for their salmon.

From Bakkafrost web page "Feed is one of the most important aspects when producing top quality salmon. Uniquely, Bakkafrost even produces its own fish meal and fish oil, which is then processed into high quality fish feed at the same facility.

Because of this impressive vertical integration, Bakkafrost has full control of the content in our fish feed and are also able to keep a higher level of fish meal and fish oil in our fish feed than most other salmon producers. This gives Bakkafrost Salmon a better fat content especially rich in the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. This natural diet is evident in the good taste of Bakkafrost Salmon.

The natural diet for wild salmon is of course rich in marine resources and by keeping our salmon´s diet as natual as possible, we are able to show some of the industry´s best Feed Conversion Ratios. Which is a key indicator of sustainability.

All the fish which is used to produce Bakkafrost´s fish meal and fish oil is from approved sustainable fisheries and a big part are off-cuts or fish that would not have gone directly to human consumption.

The result is a higher quality salmon produced sustainable with impressive food in food out results."

On top of this Ice Fish Farm uses natural coloring in the feed.

We have our own harvesting station that super cools the the salmon to secure taste and freshness.

We have AquaGap certification that involves full tractability from egg to customer.

Transport all over the world, as Iceland is one of the biggest white fish countries in the world. We have the experience to bring our salmon to the market with top quality.

Ice Fish Salmon is the only salmon in the world that has these unique blend of quality and taste. Arctic temperatures secure pure waters and taste that is exclusive to our salmon.
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