Location & logistic

The conditions for fish farming in the Eastern Fjords of Iceland are particularly favorable. The Company operates fish farming in harmony with nature in the beautiful fjords Berufjordur and Faskrudsfjordur. Shipping logistics to and from the fjords are reliable and economical and air freight via Keflavik International Airport is efficient.

Berufjordur is located between the two fjords Hamarsfjordur and Breiddalsvik and is about 20 km long and 2-5 km wide.
Faskrudsfjordur lies between Reydarfjordur and Stodvarfjordur. The fjord also includes a village with the same name and it is one of the eastern most settlements of Iceland. Reydarfjordur, the country’s second largest harbour, is a short way off and ships sail regularly from there to Europe. The fjords are deep and well suited for such an endeavor. They are open and free of “thresholds” and the current is relatively strong so the sea is always fresh.


Distance from the operation in Berufjordur to:

  • Reydarfjordur 127 km (ships from there to Europe)
  • Keflavík 590 km (int. Airport – cargo)
  • Egilsstadir 161 km (int. Airport – cargo)
  • Seidisfjordur 187 km (Ferry to DK)
  • Faskrudsfjordur 110 km

Distance from the operation in Faskrudsfjordur to:

  • Reydarfjordur 21km (ships from there to Europe)
  • Keflavík 698 (int. Airport – cargo)
  • Egilstadir 50km(int. Airport – cargo)
  • Seydisjordur 75 km (Ferry to DK)
  • Berufjordur 110km

Seafreight to Europe/USA

Fast and fresh to Europe
The ferry “NORRÖNA” has a capacity of 130 trailer units and runs between the harbours of Seydisfjordur and Hirtzhals in Denmark, with a service speed of 21 knots making it the fastest freight service on the North Atlantic. The ferry departs from Seydisfjordur on Wednesday or Thursday and arrives in port to Hirtzhals on the following Saturday morning. This means that we can deliver fresh fish in Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, on Sunday night or Monday mornings. We can arrange transport with fridge and freezer trailers that can be loaded with 33 euro palettes, which is 50% more than a standard 40ft sea container. The distribution center in Padborg Denmark (Reefer terminal) is specifically designed for handling sorting and distribution of fish products.

Reefer terminal opening hours: 24 hours 365 days of the year.

Among service provided in Padborg are:

  • Fish Transport – fresh, chilled and frozen products
  • Handling, sorting and distribution of fish products by means of modern bar coding equipment
  • Professional door/door package arrangements with IT links from Scandinavian producers, producers in the North Atlantic and the Baltic States to consumers in Central and Southern Europe
  • Central monitoring system which enables to trace the trucks via the Internet and also to monitor transport routes, temperatures and expected time of arrival

Trade route to Europe and USA
Reydarfjordur, the country’s second largest harbour, is 127 km away from Berufjordur and ships sail regularly from there to Europe and USA. Shipping distances are 3-4 days to Europe and 7-8 days to USA. We have three companies that are sailing weekly, i.e. Samskip, Eimskip and Thor shipping.



Thor Shipping
Thor Shipping provides comprehensive logistics and transport services with two vessels on a weekly sailing schedule between Iceland and mainland Europe.

Air fright to Europe/USA
Fish may also be transported by air from Keflavík Airport (main international airport in Iceland), which is at a distance of mere 560 km over roads that are open all year. It takes about 3-4 hours to fly to all the major cities in Europe and 5-6 hours to the East Coast of the United States.

IcelandairCargo offers freight services:

Blue BirdCargo offers freight services: