Iceland and Seafarming


Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The potential to cultivating aquaculture under Icelandic conditions is
considered to be one of the best. Aquaculture began in Iceland just before the year 1900 and much expert knowledge is
available here as regards production of smolt and roe, and producers sell their products all over the world.

At the same time seawater temperature has been rising and experts are of the opinion that Iceland now offers optimum
conditions for aquaculture in many places, in particular in the Eastern fjords because how deep and open they are and the
current is relatively strong which means necessary clean seabed for such endeavor.

Icelanders possess much experience from the processing and marketing of ocean produce and in the world at large Iceland
is known for the quality of its products and for its unpolluted environment.

Key advantages of aquaculture in Iceland are:


  • One of the least polluted ocean regions in the world
  • Low seawater temperature
  • Virtually disease free environment
  • Crystal clear waters provide optimum feeding conditions
  • Coastline provides the perfect conditions for year round
  • Abundant energy potential in the form of geothermal energy and hydropower
  • Eco sustainable

The location of the Ice Fish farm operation is advantageous as regards product distribution.  Iceland´s location in the
mid-Atlantic makes the country an ideal base for companies with business in both continents and the location of the
Ice Fish Farm operation is advantageous as regards product distribution.